If in common imagination, walls are generally seen as symbols of division and exclusion, in this project we spotted the opportunity to give them a new meaning.

We want the experiences of fostering diversity that were born and developed long ago at SAP to go beyond the walls of our company and to spread to the walls of the streets, democratic areas often filled with the aspirations and insights of artists, poets, protesters, and dreamers.

More than by any projects and actions developed by the company, diversity at SAP is reflected by its employees. They are individuals with different life experiences and world perspectives, coming from many countries, with diverse cultures, people of different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical capabilities, generations, and many other characteristics, each of them with a life story to share.

In this project, we show a small sample of this diversity: we talked to employees, heard their experiences, and shared their aspirations. We saw the greatness of these stories and then we realized we needed to take them to the streets, literally speaking: they had to go beyond the borders of the company to be shared with the world.

We wanted to find sensible eyes that could translate these stories into images. That’s why we invited artists to spread these stories in different regions of the planet, so that they stay within reach and in the sight of all that passed by.

Now, these stories are brought together in this digital hub. Actually, this is an experience, a journey through each story, to allow them to inspire everyone. We hope that each person that goes by these walls or by this page feels touched and compelled to reflect on the importance of building a fairer world, in which diversity is respected and considered as a guide for social change. SAP has been holding this value as a corporate flag for years. Now, it’s time to go beyond and take this flag to the streets.


In this digital hub, you will get to know about the journeys of various collaborators at SAP. They are life stories of overcoming difficulties, which tell us about existing and resisting in a world that falls short of expectations in its respect for diversity. To help build a more inclusive reality, we introduce SAP’s initiatives which we believe can inspire other companies worldwide, as well as products and services to help companies embrace diversity. We also present data and information to demonstrate how important it still is to defend diversity in our current environment.

Enjoy the ride through these stories and walls and embrace diversity.

Have a nice journey!